Adam Kite

Adam has been Head Man since 2007. Overseeing everything at all times and taking charge in Ralph’s absence, he was a big part of Look Here, Talent and Muhannak’s careers. He is a fine judge, particularly of fast work, and an experienced feeder and leg man. Previously he was Head Man for John Gosden at Manton, in charge of the Barton Yard. He and Ralph are old friends from their Lambourn days, where he was Head Man to Jenny Pitman and Kim Bailey





James Fathers

James came to us at the start of 2017 as Assistant Trainer. He has a range of experience in racing, coming from time spent with Ed Dunlop in Newmarket, and with Charles Hills in Lambourn.





Richard Arnold

Richard started working for Toby Balding in the late '80s at Fyfield and worked for Jonathan Geake after Toby's retirement. He started as a Travelling Head Groom in early 2011 and his knowledge of the place has been invaluable.







Sam Kite

Sam started with us as a work rider in 2007, when she came to Whitsbury with Adam Kite from John Gosden. In October 07 she started helping in the office, having had no previous experience.… and became secretary two months later. Unflappable and always in good humour, she was also Look Here’s regular rider.






Lindsey Metcalfe

Lindsey arrived here in October 2010, straight from the Racing School. She has worked her way up the ranks here at Kimpton Down, where she is now a Travelling Head Groom.




Ralph Beckett

Kimpton Down Stables, Old Coach Road, Kimpton, Andover, Hants, SP11 8QQ


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